I’m still learning about the kind of woman…..
Is it “the woman I am”? Or “supposed to be”? Is being that woman something I’m supposed to achieve or is it something I’m supposed to discover?
Either way I’m still learning.
As well as which one of those is correct.

"You have the fear of abandonment"
Even after recognizing this, I’m still asking - where have you been, what did I do wrong, why are you forgetting me.

Thoughts that keep me up at night and thoughts that plague my path.

🌿 (at Gum Grove Park)

I have lost sight of beauty.
I have lost sight of intelligence.
I have lost sight of simplicity.

Odd things that make me blush about boys:
-when guys drive
-arm veins
-squinty JGL eyes
- skinny ties
-b&w tattoos
-curly hair
-blue/green eyes
-jack purcells

I’ll probably update this….

Watching the moon reside itself higher
And higher
Until tomorrow.

'i’m miley and guys are everyone else in the world who don’t understand the trials and tribulations that lead you to get up on a wrecking ball, naked and kiss a hammer.'
— me